Unapologetically Opera Vodcasts

Speaking Opera’s “Unapologetically Opera” will be a series of video podcasts that will include interviews with singers and others in the field of opera.

The following introduction video podcast to “Unapologetically Opera” is a conversation  between Howard Hart, creator of Speaking Opera, and Ryan Boyd, the executive director of WCAT (Wakefield Community Access Television).

Among the topics discussed:

  • My introduction to opera with my grandparents in the age of 78 RPM recordings.
  • Future plans for interviews.
  • The choice of “Speaking Opera” as the name for the series and website.
  • The purpose of an opera club.
  • Sales and promotion in the classical music business.
  • Guest hosting on radio in NYC in the 1980s interviewing opera singers.
  • The tragic demise of the record store with the arrival of Napster.
  • My mid-life career change and return to school.
  • A return to music and sharing this great art form with others via podcasting.
  • Comparing live performances with HD broadcasts and LPs with CDs.
  • The “favorite opera” question.