Lucia Popp Interview Part 2 0f 2


This is the second installment of my two-part interview with the great Czech soprano Lucia Popp. This part of the interview begins with Ms. Popp discussing the role of Anita, the titular character in Jules Massenet’s opera La Navarraise. She speaks about how she was a late replacement for another singer on the recording and how much she enjoyed making it while also recognizing that she would never sing the role live on stage. She then discusses how she began her vocal studies when very young and it was believed that she was a mezzo-soprano. It was soon discovered, of course, that she had instead a lyric coloratura soprano voice and it was as such that she began her career. Lieder was very important in her career and she considered it to be an essential part of vocal discipline. At the time of the interview, and at that point in her career, she estimated that her work was evenly divided with one third opera, on third recitals and lieder, and one third recordings. It was a great joy to do this interview with Lucia Popp. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with her during the time that she was in New York. She was an incredibly delightful woman and a great singer. This interview is a cherished memory that I am very grateful to be able to share with you.