Eleanor Steber Interview

The first interview I did with an opera singer was with Eleanor Steber. I had guest-hosted radio shows with a number of stations in New York but this was my first individual interview. The interview focused on the 40th anniversary of Steber’s debut at the Metropolitan Opera. In this wide-ranging interview, Steber discusses, among many topics, her Metropolitan Opera debut, the Eleanor Steber Music Foundation, music technique, the role of radio and television in connection with music, and the future of opera. One of the best pieces of advice (and encouragement) that I received for conducting an interview came from my friend Tim Page. He advised me just to be myself, to have ready a list of questions to ask, and simply let the conversation unfold naturally. With Steber I followed this advice and ended up with a three-hour conversation with this fascinating artist. My preferred settings to interview a singer are either at their home or in a hotel room where they are currently residing. In the case of Eleanor Steber, I met with her at the Ansonia Hotel in New York, where she lived at the time. It was a wonderful experience as she was very warm and forthcoming. I hope you will enjoy hearing the interview with her.