Interviews of Singers from the 1980s (audio)

During the 1980s I interviewed several noted opera singers for radio presentations for the leading classical music stations WKCR, WQXR, and WNYC, in New York City where I acted as guest host.

This website and the podcasts are a labor of love. Like all undertakings of this kind, a tremendous amount of work is required. All the earlier interviews took place in the homes or hotel rooms of the singers involved. Many were originally preserved on analog open-reel or cassette tapes and needed to be transferred and processed to improve the sound via digital technology. The encouragement and indispensable assistance of Adam Nestle, editor and producer at WCAT, is acknowledged here. With Adam’s help, including hours of editing, a major improvement in the sound of these tapes from the 1980s was achieved. His knowledge of IT (Information Technology) and podcasting was invaluable.

Many of the following interviews are on my YouTube Channel Speaking Opera. I believe, however, that the background material around the singers and events at the time are more fully appreciated in the written material accompanying the recorded interviews which are to follow. This page on the website: titled “Interviews with singers from the 1980s” features the following singers in this sequence:

Licia Albanese  02.05.81

Lucia Popp  02.21.81

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf co-hosted with Tim Page 05.04.82

Eleanor Steber 12.07.80

Bernd Weikl 02.26.81

Renata Scotto 11.04.81

Lucia Popp part 2 of 2 from 02.21.81

Lucia Popp part 1 of 2 part 02.21.81

All future interviews will be found on the “Speaking Opera Vodcasts” page on menu of this website or my YouTube Channel, Speaking Opera.

I hope you enjoy my offerings in our shared journey of opera.

On a high note,

Howard Hart, Creator of Speaking Opera

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